The Benefits of Natural Gas Flare Stacks

About Natural Gas Flare Stacks

A gas flare stack is a piece of equipment that is used to burn off an excess of flammable gas. This gas is commonly found when drilling for oil but can also be found when drilling for gases. During these processes, it is possible to burn off the extra gas that is commonly found when searching for other raw materials. Burning off this extra gas can be a safety precaution, as the pressure from the gas can cause damage to the industrial equipment if there is too much pressure built up inside.

Flaring is also a safety precaution in terms of the health of humans globally, as it also helps get rid of what is called volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOC’s are organic chemicals with a high vapor pressure at room temperature. It is important that we get rid of these chemicals, as they pose a health risk to not only us but to the environment as well.

How gas flare stacks help protect our industry operations and environment:

  • Gas flare stacks help burn off excess flammable gas produced as a byproduct of other industry processes
  • Flaring helps protect industrial equipment from building up too much pressure, and it also prevents excess gases from being released into our environment
  • Flaring also helps eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are a health risk for human health and air quality. 

Gas flaring for oil drilling

When drilling for oil, you also often find gas. Flares burn off the gas that cannot be processed or sold. Losses from burning excess gases are typically the largest loss in many industrial operations. When drilling for oil offshore, this is particularly true as there is nowhere to store excess gases. It is estimated that 1/3 of all the gas collected globally through drilling is burned off.

The most common of the gases is methane. When methane is burned, it releases carbon dioxide and water. Though CO2 is typically a concern, methane is actually one of the least harmful of the fossil fuels burned regularly.

If you have ever seen an offshore oil rig you may remember seeing flames burning up into the sky from the top of them. This, in most cases, is the natural gas flare stack burning off the unwanted gas. It is an amazing site to see and is what is most memorable about flare stacks and its flaring process.

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