About Vaprox, LLC

Discover Vaprox LLC, your leading partner for state-of-the-art vapor control solutions

Strategically located just outside Weatherford, Texas, west of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

With deep-rooted dedication to the oil and gas sector, Vaprox comprehends the intricate technical and regulatory dynamics shaping our clients’ operations. As the demand for vapor controls rises in today’s market, Vaprox’s commitment to fulfilling client needs remains paramount.

  • Made in the USA

    With a focus on quality and reliability, Vaprox's "Made in the USA" products, including renowned flare stacks, embody American craftsmanship.

  • Quality custom solutions

    Our highly skilled team, well-versed in the oil and gas industry, surpasses technical and regulatory requisites, tailoring custom solutions precisely to clients' operational demands.

  • High-performing product lines

    Vaprox offers an extensive range of gas flares, flare stacks, and optional custom accessories, accompanied by comprehensive services ensuring optimal system performance throughout their lifecycle.

  • Committed to environmental stewardship

    Committed to EPA compliance, Vaprox is your steadfast partner in meeting and exceeding stringent regulatory standards, aligning seamlessly with the latest EPA mandates.

Our Mission & Goals

Here at Vaprox, we want to help you meet the ever-changing demands of this industry more quickly and cost-effectively while keeping you at maximum production rates and staying in complete compliance with all state and federal regulations for flare operation.

Quality & Compliance

Manufacturing a high-quality product that complies with all state and federal design and operations requirements (i.e. NSPS 60.18, Quad-O, etc.).

Competitive Prices

Providing a highly competitive price-point that is less than or equal to any other equivalent flaring system on the market.

Fast Turnaround

Delivering the flaring systems that meet your needs as quickly as possible. Once you place an order, we typically have a 2-4 weeks turnaround. In this timeframe, your order will be built, delivered, and ready to be put to use in the field.

We provide worry-free gas flaring solutions for clean air compliance

Over 40 Years of Experience